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Dreams Factory: A pool restaurant for Tenerife hotel

A unique environment where freshness, happiness and emotions become part of the surroundings.  

At Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel by Piñero Group in Tenerife, the Valencian studio estudi{H}ac created the DREAMS FACTORY, a place where your dreams come true. A unique environment where freshness, happiness and emotions become part of the surroundings.

The first impression communicated by estudi{H}ac founded by José Manuel Ferrero, is that of a great passion in always creating new and fresh visions for design products, interior projects and food spaces, following the studio’s philosophy, that is: designing for visionary clients.

Designing for food spaces is a true challenge where one has to play on local suggestions, but also on the opposite, giving life to de-contextualized spaces with their own storytelling combined with a lively gastronomic offer.

The basic inspiration of this project comes from the idea of colour and fun. The premises and the layout of the space have been designed to create a brand new concept of Pool Restaurant, that covers an area of 600 square meters.

The layout of the DREAMS FACTORY features a central island surrounded by four impressive columns painted red and white, thus resembling four giant sticks of candy. 

The large sculpture of a magical hat charged with positive energy dominates the central island. An array of graphic and colourful elements is projected inside, thus turning the site into a pleasant space-for-fun.

Food and entertainment joyful combine in the other areas of the Restaurant, such as the menu service area and the buffet area, where salads, desserts, ice cream and toppings are served. Funny shaped lighting fixtures and linear tables and chairs in smooth light colours welcome guests who are looking for a fancy food experience in a dazzling site. 

The inside space is divided from the terrace by a system of movable doors, that have been tailor-made for this project. A ceiling-to-floor graphic design made with metal sections represents the local plant life of the Tenerife island.

In the outside space all nuances of the inside are combined giving life to a magical explosion of colours in form of a large mosaic specially created for the project.


NAME: Dreams Factory / Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel.

CLIENT: Piñero Group

LOCATION: Tenerife. Spain

DATE: November 2018

PROJECT: Restaurant 

INSPIRATION: On the history of the PAPIMBER is an adventurous traveler character created by Grupo Piñero


Parket – Colorker
Mosaic – Hisbalit 
Tiling – Cevica 


Andreu World


LIGHTING DESIGNER: Iluminación Ambiente

PHOTOGRAPHY: Adrian Mora Morato