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Capel C.S contracted for Wimbledon’s Centre Court Shopping Centre

Capel C.S Ltd are pleased to announce the initiation of their works with long-term client Romulus at Wimbledon’s Centre Court Shopping Centre, recently acquired by the client.

After completing the acquisition in 2021, West London investor and developer Romulus began to introduce their plans to for the future of Centre Court. They instructed the construction contractors earlier this year for works on the new retractable roof for the new courtyard space and to strip out the redundant retail units.  

A Dynamic Community Centre
Centre Court, located adjacent to Wimbledon station, opened its doors in 1992 and is currently home to over 50 brands including a restaurant & coffee shop.  

Romulus plans to reinvigorate the shopping centre and are committed to transforming it in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way so that the Centre will be a lively, dynamic space for the entire community.  

Sustainable & Aesthetic Transformations
Capel C.S have begun works for the demolition and strengthening works to accommodate the installation of a new sliding roof which will be placed over the centre’s new courtyard atrium. 

The roof will be retracted on sunny days to allow an open-air space and let natural light in.  This will enable less artificial light and energy to be used, as well as make the courtyard an attractive & modern meeting point. “We are excited to be working on this great project with Romulus. Centre Court will look amazing and provide an even better space for visitors. The centre will be great for all locals and businesses for leisure, eating, working, exercising, and more.”  says Project Manager at Capel C.S Ltd, Pat Flanagan.  

Romulus also have plans to make improvements to the existing entrance on Queens Road by building another pedestrian entranceway that will feel more “green” and welcoming. A new art installation has been brought in to brighten up the main Broadway entrance and features suspended umbrellas.   

Capel were also contracted to work on all the currently redundant retail units by stripping them out to their shell & core. New uses, shops and restaurants will also breathe new life into the centre.  

Romulus are focusing on transforming the centre not only for leisure visitors but also for local businesses & start-ups as they also plan to implement a Huddle site to the centre - a flexible workspace where joining members can obtain affordable access and use for work.  

The developer is committed to being a compassionate community partner in Wimbledon by supporting local businesses and residents with a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives at Centre Court that will protect and enhance the area for years to come. An on-site urban farm will be introduced and used to cultivate mushrooms from restaurants’ coffee wastage, and wooden beehives will be installed on the roof with feeders to help maintain healthy bee populations and support biodiversity.  

Thank you to the team at Romulus for trusting us with this project and for their friendship. For more information on the project, please visit the full case study here.

For more information on Capel C.S Ltd, please visit the website at 

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