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Display & Specialist Shopfittings

ALMECO gives shapes to your ideas with bandoxaldecorTM, the widest range of anodized aluminium on the market. The free combination of textures, colors and finishes gives an infinite range of surfaces providing lightness, brightness and hue to your design. bandoxaldecorTM +collection is a service formula of supply for small projects that allow you to choose your trend surface from 30 different finishes and colors ready and available on stock. bandoxaldecorTM +collection is annual edition of 30 trend surfaces dedicated to the limited projects that allow you to choose finishes and colors in small quantity ready and available on stock.

Laminates & GRP/Timber & Wallboards

ALMECO gives shapes to your ideas with a wide range of aluminium finishes and endless shades of colours. bandoxaldecor is "the solution" for wall coverings, ceilings, furniture design and all your architectural projects. An infinite combination of colors with a range of fascinating metallic shades and a broad selection of finishing like smooth, brushed, satin-finish or textured for an expressive, appealing and tailor-made solution.


ALMECO GROUP is a unique entity in the lighting industry supplying selected surfaces and high performing aluminium reflectors with a 360° service from idea to production engineering and supporting its clients in the realization of LED reflectors with specific design and light output needs. reflect+A range is the "concept" to create reflectors with the requested lighting mood and to express your creativity.