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Harrods’ Menswear department in the spotlight

Display lighting is absolutely crucial in any retail application.

Years spent working closely with lighting designers and retail professionals has helped Precision Lighting develop an award-winning collection of miniature luminaires that are perfect for any display lighting scenario. Atto, Pico and Minimo 1 make up Precision Lighting’s Miniature Accent Lighting range, offering both surface and recessed mounting options, a variety of high CRI outputs and carefully chosen beam distributions to cover a variety of display applications.

World renowned department store Harrods has recently seen the largest refurbishment in its 170-year history, which included combining all the Menswear departments together on one floor. David Collins Studio has designed a truly luxurious shopping experience across 19 superbrands, where elegant spaces with marble floors and ceilings house beautifully lit garments and products. Lighting design firm Isometrix specified the award-winning Atto range in antique bronze, customised to fit bespoke display cases from Umdasch throughout the Menswear department, unobtrusively illuminating sunglasses, bags and other accessories from some of the world’s most famous brands, allowing the products on display to shine.

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