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Harrods' multi-million-pound food hall redesign unveils latest stage

Over the course of almost two years, the famed department store has been slowly unveiling a multi-million-pound redesign of its food and drink emporium.

Firstly, there was the revamp of the Wine Department, followed by the Roastery and Bake Hall and then the Fresh Market Hall, all envisaged by acclaimed design hothouse, David Collins Studio. This week we've seen the unveiling of the latest big opening - the Dining Hall.  

In a recent interview with Rmishka Singh discussing the Fresh Market Hall,Andy Cook, Executive Head Chef at Harrods Food Halls, comments: “The David Collins Studio team did a fantastic job bringing the Fresh Market Hall to life. We wanted a hall that had energy and that created this sense of a bustling food market in a luxury environment. Each edit within the hall is a celebration of the product we wanted to showcase, the Charcuterie, Cheese, The Rotisserie, Fish and The Butchery. At Harrods we really strive to be these creators of magic, and the theatre and engaging elements within the Fresh Market Hall have really achieved this. Customers have this complete immersive experience the minute they enter the room and this is definitely a part of the design. One of the unique complexities of designing a luxury Food Hall is showcasing fresh food in its best light, without putting the product in a state or position where it could perish. Each dish within our Deli counter has been revisited, repurposed and some are even brand new to the offering; a key need was to display the products in an inclusive and inviting way, whilst still having this level of premium quality to the look and feel. We're really happy with how the David Collins Studio team created an environment that supported this.” 

The Sushi bar is headed up by Eddie Lim of the Mango Tree group. There you can find speciality nigri with sauces that include truffled yuzu (he's behind Bao Kitchen which is also opening in Harrods in June).  

The Wine bar takes centre stage in the dining hall - and there are more than 100 wines by the glass (using Coravin machines). it's split by wine style, not region, so you can find a style you're familiar with and explore similar wines. But if that's not enough, you can order - via an iPad one of the 1,000+ bottles of wines from the wine and spirits department. Or you can choose from the wine department itself - and then head to the wine bar to drink it. Suffice to say - there's plenty of wine (plus bar snacks and caviar too).  

Vineet Bhatia's Kama by Vineet is a 26-seater restaurant in the room. They'll have modern versions of Indian classics and curries.  

The Pasta Bar will be offering fresh pasta with seasonal sauces as well as classics like Carbonara, Pappardelle al Ragù and Focaccia di Recco.  

The Fish Bar has ethically caught seafood from the Fresh Market Hall and includes signature Harrods fish and chips, a lobster toastie, a catch of the day, and smoked salmon from the Faroe Islands. Drinks there include gin and tonic, Champagne, cider or Harrods’ Pisco Sour. 

And finally, there's The Grill. There you can get dry-aged beef, Wagyu and rotisserie chicken (from Ivy House Farm) and seasonal game. Dishes include T-bone, fillet and porterhouse steaks, cooked to order over a charcoal grill, with sides including truffle mac & cheese, triple-cooked fries and creamed green vegetables. 

The last hall, for all things sugary and chocolate covered, is yet to be revealed.