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Lighting scheme for Connaught Patisserie, Mayfair, completed by lighting design practice Nulty

This lavish space is the perfect spot to savour over sweet nourishment

International lighting design practice Nulty has completed the lighting scheme for Connaught Patisserie, the latest offering from Maybourne Hotel Group. This new patisserie and cake shop is housed next to the Connaught Hotel, with its own entrance on Mount Street, Mayfair. With plush furnishings, a dusty pink colour palette, marble tabletops and velvet surfaces, this lavish space is the perfect spot to savour over sweet nourishment.

Nulty worked closely with Ab Rogers Design on delivering a polished aesthetic that invites guests to indulge in patisserie crafted by executive pastry chef, Nicolas Rouzaud. The textures and materials used in the design aim to recreate the inside of a chocolate box. Nulty ensured that this aesthetic came to life through an effective lighting solution that would accommodate even the most reluctant sweet tooth.

Luxurious packaging is imagined through pink blush walls that form the backdrop for hanging pendants which are carefully positioned along the ceiling to illuminate the marble tabletops. A central part of the design is centered around these striking pink crystal glass handblown pendants produced in the Czech Republic. From the base to the tip, each pendant displays a gradual fade in colour, from hot pink to dusty rose. Light filters through the clearer parts of each pendant to ensure that bold pink light doesn’t fall onto the tables to distort the colour of the patisserie. 2700 Kelvin LED lamps are used within each pendant which packs a heavy punch when illuminating the tables. The lamps contain a specifically high colour rendering index and high output to produce a sparkling effect whilst the light pours downwards onto the surfaces.

Towards the back of the space, two confident bronze Precision Lighting tracks hover above the display counter, each one positioned with miniature bronze spotlights. Layers of illumination are deployed to each section of the counter, with various spotlights acting as task lights to support the patisserie staff whilst serving customers. One layer of light pours directly downwards through the display case itself to highlight the texture of the cakes, whilst a second layer of task lighting illuminates the back bar where staff operate, and croissants and cakes are proudly displayed.

The glass case and fridge elegantly display the delicately crafted treats. Linear LED lights placed at the front of the case illuminate the cakes and their labels, whilst another integrated strip of linear LEDs washes the back of the cabinet. This creates an effective silhouette behind the product and enhances the three-dimensional quality to the area. Very small metal extrusion houses this high output light creating a subtle sense of drama producing invisible light to illuminate the richness of the patisserie. Working closely with Ab Rogers Design to review samples, experiment with colour temperatures and testing details, ensured that all details were carefully considered.

*Photographs courtesy of Maybourne Hotel Group

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