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Not just another signage company…

Providing quality signage has been part of Sign of the Times’ core services for over 30 years. The wealth of industry knowledge and skill within the company has been proven hard to beat, and yet there is a hidden secret at Sign of the Times’ …their ability to manufacture and craft beautiful, award-winning displays for international customers!

Over the years, the company has steadily built fruitful relationships with some key design and brand agencies in the UK, taking time to learn about client expectations for delivery of high-end installations at retail and commercial venues. With a recent investment in a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art fabrication workshop, Sign of the Times now crafts acrylic, metal and wooden ‘art’ pieces to answer the most challenging and elaborate designers’ briefs, bringing the ultimate creativity into a reality. In the rapidly changing world of retail, the demand by top brands for their designers to deliver astounding, experiential spaces is growing, so having a trusted and experienced associate to consult with, produce and deliver the practicalities of these projects is an enviable resource to have! 

Working from Northamptonshire but being partnered with a leader in the signage world, Astley, both companies share an enviable resource of facilities including 4 UK offices, 17 fitting crews and over 160 staff. What this partnership doesn’t know about production, method and delivery isn’t worth knowing. Whether it’s walls of digital print, the most intricate water-jet cut detail or built-up illuminated display pieces, between them virtually no brief is insurmountable.   

So, don’t be so readily fooled by a name next time you encounter a potential associate like Sign of the Times…this signage company offers a whole lot more than just fascias!

Photo credit: Triad