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The new name for Shop Spec

Shop Spec to become Interior Contracting & Design Spec

As shopfitting and retail design has become interior contracting and commercial interior design, Shop Spec is also evolving to reflect this change...

Our cities are changing, and retailing is in a state of flux. What was once a retail landscape has transformed into a broader mix of entertainment, leisure, hospitality and retail venues that has changed the way we use our public spaces. The night-time economy has turned once quiet high streets into bustling areas of food, hospitality and entertainment that positively thrive of an evening.

Reflecting this change, fitout companies and designers that were once retail focussed have diversified to provide a vast range of skills and services to create environments such as: restaurants, cinemas, hotels, pubs, offices and retail spaces, to theatres, sports stadia and airports.

As shopfitting and retail design has become interior contracting and commercial interior design, Shop Spec (Shopfitting Specification) the UK’s leading guide to shopfitting and retail design is also evolving to reflect this change.

In June 2019, Shop Spec will become Interior Contracting & Design Spec. As the voice of the UK’s fitout and interior design sector for more than 40 years, we believe this change more accurately reflects the realities of the sector in which the specifiers, designers, and contractors that use our marketing services, websites and publications, now operate. 

The transition to Interior Contracting & Design Spec is good news for our readers and great news for advertisers. As we now provide an even more effective marketing platform, that helps them to reach a wider spectrum of specifiers and key decision-makers responsible for commercial interior design projects across a range of market sectors, bringing lots of new opportunities.  

Our 40-year association with the National  Association of Shopfitters and Interior Contractors (NAS) will be as close as ever, and we’ll continue to bring you the latest news on retail interior design, whilst also showcasing projects from leading hotels, restaurants and other high street spaces to help you keep up to date with the dynamic world of interior contracting.

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