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British designer Paul Cocksedge creates a Landmark installation

As part of British Land’s Headline Partnership with London Design Festival, internationally acclaimed British designer Paul Cocksedge has created a Landmark installation for Broadgate

Situated in Finsbury Avenue Square from 14th September to 11th October, the installation is made from recycled scaffolding planks and features curves for people to interact with, sit on, or walk under. With the highest point of the structure at 3.5m, the installation is British Land’s most ambitious commission to date. The large-scale piece responds to the changing rhythm of the community, further enhancing London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood.

Cocksedge has collaborated with Essex-based interiors company, White & White London Contracts, to re-imagine one of the most basic elements of construction - scaffolding planks. Using an innovative process of cross-cutting, precision planing and invisible jointing, the planks are transformed into a continuous floating ribbon, which is then hand sanded and finished in a hard-wearing resin.

Designed to respond to the changing rhythm of the Broadgate neighbourhood the impressive scale of the design ensures the natural flow through Finsbury Avenue Square is not disrupted.

Paul explains: "Every single aspect of the installation is tailored to its environment as well as the function it serves. The curves raise up to create backrests and places to sit, as well as space for people to walk under, or pause and find some shade. It walks the line between craft object and design solution. It occupies the square without blocking it."

Built from recycled scaffolding planks, repurposed using the innovative technology of Essex-based flooring company White & White, the whole structure can be broken down and transformed into something completely different after the festival, so nothing will be wasted.

Hard to miss, this impressive structure will be in Finsbury Avenue Square, EC2A 2EH, for the duration of London Design Festival (14 September-11 October) and beyond. Sat between Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate, Broadgate offers some of London’s best street food, bars and restaurants, plus a public art trail, so while you’re here, make sure you explore. 

Paul will be giving a special free Q&A and panel discussion at 6.30pm on Tuesday 17 September in The Space | 3FA as part of Shoreditch Design Triangle Night.