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Cheese Bar Poncelet, Barcelona, Spain

A meeting point designed primarily for cheese-lovers and those who appreciate the cheese culture

With the Cheese Bar Poncelet in Barcelona, an area of 300 square meters dedicated to the 'cult' of cheese, the Valencian studio estudi{H}ac has created a meeting point designed primarily for cheese-lovers and those who appreciate the cheese culture, although actually Poncelet represents an ideal place where anyone can take advantage of an innovative and truly specialized gastronomic proposal.

The decorative project has been created starting from an in-depth interpretation of the brand identity making it unique under the sign of the customization that always characterizes the design approach of José Manuel Ferrero and his team. The result is a bright and wide interior with original and innovative furnishings combining custom-made wooden tables, benches where the idea of cheese is expressed by small stylized figures of great evocative appeal, a fabulous vertical garden conveys freshness and naturalness, original ceiling dotted with small sticks of colors.

The Poncelet Cheese Bar has a strong aesthetic impact right from the imposing external façade, characterized by an intertwining of wooden elements combined to create rhombuses of different sizes. The identification stamp of Poncelet connecting the space of the cheese pantry with the bars area through a hydraulic floor tile, tailor-made for this project and characterized by the graphics of the brand Poncelet.

The architecture of the whole space is designed to put in evidence the large cheese cellar, designed in the shape of a diamond to emphasize the value of its precious content and which features materials such as natural oak or mosaic treated terracotta aimed to create a very special environment, a real cheese 'jewelry'.

NAME: Cheese Bar, Poncelet

CLIENT: Poncelet

LOCATION: Barcelona. Spain

DATE: September 2017

PROJECT: Restaurant

INSPIRATION: Cheese cult


FLOORING: Hydraulic tiles
Green indian Marble

*Soyca Carpentry
*Krion – Porcelanosa Group
*Rugs KP

*Andreu World

*Light Years

LIGHTING DESIGNER: Iluminación Ambiente

ABOUT estudi{H}ac studio 
In 2003, José Manuel Ferrero founded the Design Atelier estudi{H}ac in Valencia which, thanks to a team of product designers, interior designers and architects, has produced a wide range of projects, winning several international awards. The design driver of the studio is based on the Mediterranean culture combined with a British influence coming from the days spent in London by José Manuel Ferrero who aims at a personalized elegance full of contrasts and emotions, operating in the sector of product design, as well as in the retail, hospitality and exhibition industry.