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Coppa Club’s New Winter Igloos - Now Open

The igloos are complete with a brand-new theme and contemporary design.

Coppa Club is delighted to announce its signature igloos, ‘Under the Twinkling Sky’, are now available to book until Spring 2023 in six of its clubhouses. The igloos, complete with a brand-new theme and contemporary design, offer a cosy refuge from the winter elements, where friends and family can reunite Under the Twinkling Sky, co-workers can celebrate with after-work dinner and drinks and couples can cosy-up with the ultimate festive date-night.

Inspired by the wintry theme of ‘Under the Twinkling Sky’, Coppa Club’s igloos offer a stylish and subtle outdoor dining experience during the colder months.  Each igloo is decorated with warm, muted lighting complemented with an autumn colour scheme of oranges, greens, and deep reds, creating a cosy atmosphere in which to dine, laugh and drink alongside friends. Upon arrival guests will be greeted to a terrace of sparkling fairy lights alongside feature walkways lit with lanterns and plant lights hanging from trees.

The igloos are available at six Coppa locations including Coppa Tower Bridge, renowned for its panoramic London skyline views; Coppa Putney on a terrace overlooking the river Thames; The Great House, Sonning with its picturesque riverside setting; Coppa Cobham’s rooftop terrace; Coppa Brighton’s boutique location in the heart of The Lanes; and The Georgian, Haslemere set in the surrounding countryside of the Surrey hills.


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