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Illuminating The High Street - The LED Window Revolution

It’s a competitive world on the high street, and Estate Agents are more competitive than most. Courting clients looking to sell their property, or advertising to the varied homebuyers throughout the United Kingdom brings challenges for everyone. 

Schedule preparation and advertising to ensure the seller attracts audiences and maximises their profits, is all part of an estate agents’ day-to-day operations. For many years, iSpi Trade has supported estate agencies, shop fitters and sign installation companies with products that deliver a competitive edge.


One staple for estate agents over the years, is advertising properties within their window display to communicate with passers-by. These window displays say as much about the estate agent, as they do the range and quality of homes they have on offer. One issue that emerged during those early conversations was that in most of their locations, footfall was still high after normal daytime retail hours.

Day and night, our LED Window Display cable systems offered a perfect solution. From the initial planning stage consultations, we worked with our client to address window shapes and visibility to ensure the best layout of schedules using the systems. We knew that some properties required more prominence; property of the week, home going to closing date and new to the market homes. We recommended a mixture of A4 and A3 size panels, along with portrait and landscape variations to enable the estate agency to promote these leader properties, whilst having easy flexibility to rotate daily.


Success Story

The client has continued to see healthy enquiries online and in-store with many people informing them that they first saw the properties after hours in the illuminated window displays. After initial trials the group rolled out the illuminated panels to all stores. We are delighted to report that we continue to supply these products to this signage installation business for their customer, and many more have since discovered the benefits of this solution.

If you are an estate agent looking to see how LED Window Display Pocket Kits can add value to your business, you can shop for the product here.

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