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On-brand interiors at German Doner Kebab
German Doner Kebab (GDK) has the ambition to become one of the top three fast-food chains globally.
German Doner Kebab (GDK) has the ambition to become one of the top three fast-food chains globally.

James Latham provides UK’s fastest-growing fast food chain with HIMACS to boost visual appeal across sites nationwide.

James Latham, one of the UK’s leading independent materials distributors, has recently collaborated with German Doner Kebab (GDK), supplying over 1,000 sheets of HIMACS Cima and Orange for the fit-out of multiple UK sites.

As GDK expands its presence rapidly, with the ambition to become one of the top three fast-food chains globally, having a simple, easily recognised brand identity is key. With a distinctive black and orange palette, ensuring visual consistency across its UK sites was crucial to attain customer familiarity and brand loyalty.

To ensure this degree of uniformity was guaranteed, GDK commissioned on of the UK’s best-known boutique fabricators, Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, for the project due to its well-known reputation in the casual dining sector.

Material choice would be crucial given the busy kitchen and dining environment. Yes, the surfaces specified needed to be visually appealing, but also robust, hygienic and easy to clean, able to withstand strong detergents.

Approaching James Latham, its expert solid surfaces team was quick to recommend HIMACS, the multi-award-winning solid surface, to the fabricator, which embraced the decision to use the material with enthusiasm.

12mm Cima was chosen from a wide array of possibilities within the range. A dark, moody colour, Cima is part of the ‘Volcanic’ collection and evokes the look of black granite to achieve an on-brand contemporary, and sophisticated look.

Paradigm machined and installed the Cima in a variety of applications within the eateries’ interiors, including worktops, booth cappings, and condiment areas.

That’s not all, to add the distinctive orange flourish so synonymous with GDK’s identity, Paradigm also chose the vibrant, 12mm HIMACS Orange as an accent in some of the larger establishments. Running along the floor, as a guide for customers, this striking design element added visual appeal in high-traffic areas, whilst serving the practical purpose of bringing customers to the till.

Used in combination with natural stone, wood, and leather, also demonstrated how HIMACS is able to assimilate and complement other specified materials to create highly-attractive interiors. 

Due to the scale of the order, the project was not without its challenges, particularly from a logistical perspective. With work commencing during the height of the Pandemic, bringing 1,000 sheets of HIMACS from its point of manufacture in South Korea to the UK was a monumental task.

However, James Latham’s unrivalled knowledge, experience, and well-establish port facilities meant they were seamlessly able to build up the required stock. This was done in a phased way, eliminating potential shortages and responding to ad hoc requests from GDK’s project team when new jobs came online.

Commenting on the project and selection process, Stephen Redgrave, Director at Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, says, “HIMACS is an incredible material to work with, especially as it’s malleable and can be thermo- formed to obtain interesting curves and shapes. The end results perfectly showcase its ability to enhance interiors and, as it can be easily cut to size, installed seamlessly, even in the tightest of spaces. It also played a crucial role in achieving the on-brand brief stipulated by the client, especially HIMACS Orange which is a near-perfect match for the colour used in GDK’s logo. Proof of success has been in the expansion of both ours and James Latham’s relationship with the brand, helping to deliver exceptional spaces as more projects come online."

He concludes, “James Latham helped us at every step of the journey, and its solid surfaces team’s advice and consultancy throughout was second to none.”

Available in a 12mm thickness, HIMACS Cima has a coarse grain style, and a satin surface finish. HIMACS Orange is also available in 12mm thickness, with a matt finish, but can also be polished to achieve a gloss look. Stocked nationwide by James Latham, pricing is calculated according to quantity on project-by-project basis.

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