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The Grove Announces Spectacular Refurbishment of its Sequoia Spa
The Grove, Hertfordshire. Image: Paul Winch-Furness
The Grove, Hertfordshire. Image: Paul Winch-Furness

The team at StudioJill have stylishly redesigned the spa resulting in an enhanced experience.

The Grove in Hertfordshire is delighted to announce the relaunch of its Sequoia Spa from late June 2022, following an extensive three-phase refurbishment. With the new transformation underway by the team at StudioJill, the stylishly redesigned spa will result in an enhanced experience for guests and spa members alike. Alongside the refurbishment, the Sequoia Spa will also be launching new treatments, where plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating facials and massages can be expected, as well as new spa days.

Image: Chris Tubbs Photography
Image: Chris Tubbs Photography

The refurbishment of the Sequoia Spa allows for guests to embark on an all-encompassing spa journey, which starts from the moment they arrive at reception. Following their arrival, guests will make their way into the newly-created relaxation space.

Throughout each of the spaces, beautiful furniture has been hand-selected to compliment the surroundings, such as B&B Italia Crinoline High Back Armchairs and a Bubble travertine side table.

As well as reviving treatments, guests can also spend time together in the extended heat experience area where a Japanese bath spa will be added. The heat experience includes the spa bath set within the walls and floors with back-illuminated onyx panels, along with a stylish upgraded sauna and modern steam room. The new heat experiences elevate the way in which guests can experience the spa together, moving from their treatment to the pool, before embracing the new heat spaces. 

Image: Chris Tubbs Photography
Image: Chris Tubbs Photography

Elsewhere, the men’s changing rooms will also benefit from exciting additions with a new heat experience, complete with sauna and steam room, both of which will be sleek and stylish. The poolside steam room, available to both men and women, will be replaced with a more spacious and modern room, designed with a polished black, white and marble colour scheme in order to match the Sequoia Spa’s iconic black mosaic-tiled swimming pool. 

Similar to the recent renovation of The Grove’s West Wing bedrooms, which took place in 2021, the dining areas will also be given a makeover, using warm, earthy tones in order to contribute to the peaceful and natural ambience. With orange and yellow shades, along with splashes of fresh greens, these spaces will breathe in the elements of the natural world. Low-level, soft lighting will also be used to create a gentle glow through the space. 

The dining spaces will be redecorated both inside and outside. During the summer months, the area between the two indoor dining spaces will be opened up to create an al-fresco dining feel. 

Debbie Rogers, the Spa Director at Sequoia Spa, comments:

“The refurbishment of Sequoia Spa is extremely exciting and will continue to enhance the experience for both spa members and guests of The Grove. Throughout the spa, warm earthy tones will be used, contributing to the peaceful, nature-inspired ambience. Natural materials will be used as part of The Grove's ongoing goal to bring together the beautiful gardens and its outstanding interiors and facilities. We look forward to welcoming guests to the beautifully enhanced Sequoia Spa in June.”

The refurbishment of the Sequoia Spa will provide guests with the opportunity to truly relax and unwind in a luxurious, nature-inspired setting, and is yet another fabulous enhanced addition to the facilities at The Grove. 


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