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The Swan With Two Necks spreads it wings

The Parogon Group’s inaugural gastro pub, the Swan With Two Necks has been beautifully refurbished...

The Parogon Group’s inaugural gastro pub, the Swan With Two Necks has been beautifully refurbished. With interiors that scream individuality but which is also incredibly trendy, the Swan has been expertly designed by IMD and Associates ltd in Blackburn. 

Throughout the venue, statement wallpapers totally offset each room, linking each area together beautifully. 

Every room throughout the Swan With Two Necks has its own identity but each has subtle similarities to tie them all nicely together. This design creates interest and intrigue and makes each room a talking point.

Architectural and interior designer, Lisa Power, had a task because the Swan was already tastefully decorated but it needed a cosmetic makeover as it had essentially remained the same for 11 years. 

The designer elevated the interior bringing it in line with the other Parogon venues, capturing the essence of the swan and developing it further, resulting in a classy and serene feel.

Private dining area

This area is undoubtably very different and individual which is in-keeping with the general trends around private dining. It has a darker, almost moody and edgy feel. The room has been extended to double its previous capacity and can now seat 16. It has two stunning, oversized timber tables and bespoke chairs with ‘corset style’ backrests. Glints of matt brass can be found in the furniture, floor and the lighting. A panelled mirrored centre section to the ceiling gives an extra dimension to this space. 

The Garden Room

This light airy room has a new colour scheme incorporating apple green and new patio sliding doors which look out onto the patio and garden.

Finished with Italian designed furniture, the chairs have a geometric pattern which is bang on trend right now and include a clever mix of fabrics. It’s all balanced out with a simple grey so the décor isn’t too heavy.

Entrance and bar area

Feature walls and accessories are always given a mention but feature floors can really bring something new to the table. Bespoke natural timber flooring in four different shades creates a real talking point when diners walk in to the Swan now. Continuing an almost geometric pattern theme, longer length, slimmer timber pieces have been used to give a contemporary and unique feel. Pinches of colour in the brand’s teal have been added in the form of tall vases, seating, cushions and other accessories to really set the flooring off.

A combination of real and artificial planting is used throughout the entire venue to strengthen the gentle, natural concept which is in-keeping with a swan and it’s environment.

Adjoining dining areas

The two main dining areas which are separated by the entrance also have their own identity but are tied together with stunning wallpaper. Exquisite wallpaper is what really makes the décor stand out in the Swan With Two Necks. This highly unique design is reminiscent of a mountainous landscape or glacial terrain, which complements the colour scheme throughout.


This is a more cosy area, designed for those who want to call in for a drink. The use of burnt oranges sets this space apart from the main dining area but also a combination of colours subtly used in the scatter cushions and the metal work brings it all back together with the bar. It has a new fireplace feature with a wood burning stove and a log store, with chunky stools to create a relaxing, more laid back atmosphere. 

Again this room features an unusual wallpaper which is designed to look like thin veneers of coloured timber pieces with a fine fibre texture.

The finishing touches

Using pewter grey, teal and duck egg subtly throughout the venue ties the whole restaurant together.

Interesting artwork pays homage to the swan throughout, including on the entrance to the private dining area. This has swan wings and a corset design which is subtly included giving guests an insight into what the room will look like. 

The use of circular light fittings, mirrors, accessories and some tables help to break down the harsher lines as the rooms are generally square. The use of the greenery such as fern and eucalyptus garlands add a natural and soft finish to the venue.